Pathway to Hope

Real World Training
Providing Authentic Experiences 
Facilitated by Hands On Police Investigators

Identify, Recover, Prosecute


The Anam Cara Group provides Human Trafficking Investigation     Training to Law Enforcement and other multi- disciplinary    agencies utilizing a survivor centered approach. 


 The foundation of our group is to IdentifyRecover, and procure assistance to find resources for survivors of sex trafficking. We then provide the knowledge to Prosecute the traffickers and buyers. Our seminars can be customized to provide each agency with their key objectives. Our staff is comprised of experienced Police Investigators that are authorities in the field of human trafficking. Law enforcement agencies in Michigan learn from their capabilities to cultivate relationships with trafficked survivors.  Our ultimate goal is to create a mindset change in the law enforcement community's perception of human trafficking survivors.


Warren, Michigan 48093, USA


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