2019 Liberator Award Winner for Law Enforcement by the SOAP Project


The Anam Cara Group provides Human Trafficking Training to Law Enforcement and other agencies utilizing a survivor centered approach.

The foundation of our group is to Identify, Recover, and procure assistance to find resources for survivors of sex trafficking. We then provide the knowledge to Prosecute the traffickers and buyers. Our seminars can be customized to provide each agency with their key objectives.


Our staff is comprised of experienced Police Investigators who have vast experience with undercover narcotics, undercover surveillance techniques, conspiracy investigations, interviewing and interrogation, internet based crimes, social media exploitation, and are authorities in the field of human trafficking. Our instructors, combined, have over Forty years of Police experience. In that time, they have conducted hundreds of separate investigations related to human trafficking, resulting in both success and failure.


 Drawing from their personal experiences, The Anam Cara Group instructors developed a survivor centered investigative approach, which begins with introducing a mindset change for law enforcement.

Law Enforcement agencies and multi-disciplinary teams are proponets of their survivor centered investigative approach. These tools utilized by the instructors, in their own investigations have resulted in more effective and favorable overall outcomes for survivors.

Jill Motyka
Owner / Operator / Organizer
Jeff Motyka
Craig Bankowski
Dave Huffman